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Rome & Seljuk: Wars of Empires RTS Game

In 1040 a new power emerged in Central Asia and conquered today's Iran and Afghanistan. They were Seljuk Turks. Only after 8 years, they raided Anatolia where Eastern Roman Empire had reigned. It was the beginning of the Turkish spread to west. And now you can play simulation of the wars between Roman and Seljuk Empires. You can play both side with their own stories. Each side has 26 different units to deploy on the battlefield. Each empire uses infantries, archers, spear-men cavalries and catapults.

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Middle Earth Rise of Elf Kingdom: Free RTS Strategy Game

Capture enemy land. Destroy enemy generals, warlords, castle and temples. Grand military commander Legolas, Gandalf, Elven King and his heroic army attacks on Orc evil armies and rises Elf Kingdom.

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Android Developer Company

Ladik Apps is a leading Android game developer company located in Istanbul. We are a dedicated team developing android games for free. We have currently 33 android games with more than 15 million downloads. Thanks for playing our games. Enjoy best android games for free!

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The Great Seljuk Empire: The Rise of Sultan Alp Arslan

Here is a new historical epic battle game with melee combat controllers. It is totally for free.

Great Seljuk emperor, Sultan Alp Arslan and his son Malik-Shah decided to conquer all Anatolian territory beginning from eastern castles of the Byzantine Empire. As a Seljuk commander, your duty is to lead Turkish armed forces on the battlefield.

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World War 3: European Wars - Strategy Game

Get ready to fight the deadliest world war 3 battles of the 21st century. In battles, full of monstrous enemy military clashes. The rivalry forces have attacked your army and your base with the military tanks, soldiers, Humvees and Rocket Tanks has turned it into battlefield. The enemies are in the ferocious tanks that are loaded with explosive weapons. You being the army general need to destroy the deadly beasts in the best way possible and capture enemy base by totally destroying their military forces.

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Stick Epic War Simulator RTS

Stick War Simulator RTS is a free strategy game with plenty of warriors. Download it now for free! easy gameplay and cool battle simulator.

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Medieval Battle Simulator

Easy gameplay, HD graphics and cool missions. Download RTS strategy game now for free.

Choose your troops and place them wisely in the battlefield, taking into consideration your golden power, and destroy every enemy!

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Here you are Spartacus, the greatest hero in Roman Empire's gladiator arena. You will be facing very dangerous enemy warriors and gladiators using different Roman age axes, daggers, swords and shields. You, Spartacus will be fighting different warriors with different skills and swords at 18 arenas. Show no mercy otherwise, you will be slaughtered by ferocious gladiators.


Defeat Orc enemy armies and save Rohan Kingdom in the middle earth war.

It is a free RPG Melee Combat war game, totally for free. You are in the role of several commanders, soldiers and mages of armies of Kingdom of Rohan. You need to defeat Orc armies in the battles. There are numerous battles in the Middle Earth war game. In some of them you are gonna fight inside of Rohan of Middle earth and in some of them you will fight enemy armies in Orc Kingdom of Sauron.


Lead your troops to historic triumph! Build a strong army and crush your enemy's armies, troops, tanks by tactically deploying your forces!

You need to defeat 6 strong world powers including France, England, Japan, Germany, USSR and USA. Each by 18 levels Use your power wisely.

Numerous military equipment is at your disposal: storm-troopers, artillery, bunkers, snipers, machine gunners, guns, tanks, bazookas, rocket tanks etc...

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